I'm a web developer

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Website design & development

I develop all kinds of websites like a bronchure website where you just need online presence,eCommerce website where you want your users to pay for a product or service online,Portal websites that brings information from different sources on the web e.g document management systems and even Social media websites that allows users to share ideas, media and interact.

Website Updating & Mentainance

I develop websites from scratch but i also i customise,fix errors,update alreday developed or existing websites for individual,companies and organisations.If your a student,ICT officer,developer i can get your project and work on it according to your objectives.

Website Hosting

The websites i develop i host(put on cloud server) them myself to ensure that i can easily update the web system and all my clients they enjoy 100% run time without any failure.Hosting with me is not compulsory if you want or a client wants can host it with any of their hosting service providers.It is even possible to hire me to help you put your project online.

App development

I have the skills to turn your websites into a mobile app for both android and IOS operating system.I can also develop any app of your choice separately from scratch as long as you give me requirements and failuire is not an option.

Business Email Intergration

The website i develop i intergrate them with business emails to help my clients stand out and look professional e.g james@patrickmvuma.com so every website i develop and host be assured to get unlimited number of emails.

Graphic design

I create visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire,inform and captivate consumers e.g logos for individual businesses, companies and organisation .

Mobile friendly websites

Fast page load time

User Friendly websites



With 5 years of work experience under my belt am a complete web developer your looking for.Three words that describe my work is speed, accuracy and results. I specialize in developing websites & web applications for students,small to medium size business. Provide detailed product information or even operate a full time online store. I have the skills to develop the online presence your business needs.

Developing a good rapport and regular communication is very important to me as developer because it ensures the project is completed to the specific guidelines. With passion and strong educational background, I learned to follow the international standards for quality assurance and I always ensure both really fast turn-around and high quality..


  • Master of Science in Software development (Boston University)
  • Barchelors degree in Business Information Technology (Greenwitch University)
  • Advanced Diploma in Computing (NCC)
  • Diploma in Computer Science (NCC)


  • PHP, Javascript, Ajax, Ruby on Rails, C#
  • MySQL, SQL,Mangodb, Zend, Photoshop
  • Html, CSS,Wordpress, Bootstrap

Development Process

1st Step

You inquire my service by giving me your project requirements and your budget for development

2nd Step

If agree then you will pay me 20% of your budget to use to buy internet bundles for communication.

3rd Step

I develop a prototype and show you via team viewer or zoom and then you correct me.

4th Step

I develop the final product from the prototype and show you

5th Step

If your satisfied with the final product you will send me the remaining money

6th Step

I will send you the final product via email or host it for to your cloud space.

Clients Testmonials

  • Patrick Mvuma was my Computer programmer at Research Unit where he was in charge of ICT related issues and just after 2 months of being posted to my office he realised that alot of things were done using paper as a result the department was spending alot in terms of stationary and slowly we were running out of storage space.One day Patrick Came to me with the idea of an electronic record system i could not belive that it was possible but because of the confidence he had when pitching the idea, i gave him a go ahead. I was surprised to see a working protoype in just one week and now we have a full working software that we use

    Dr Damison Kathyola
  • Iam a Nigerian at LMTECH company in Nigeria,we specilise in network installation and software supply.I came across Patrick Mvuma name on this website wwww.sourcecodester.com where he posts his demo projects or some projects he did not complete just for some people to use, so i was there searching for a similar project which my boss had given me to do after hours of searchig i did not find what i was looking for then i came across one of Patrick's projects after seeing the skills what he had done with the project i decided to contact him lucky enough he always put an email address on his projects so i gave him my project requirements and he didnt not charge me much after few days he gave me my final project and my boss was pleased since Patrick saved my time,money and my job i have always used him to work on most of my projects and he has never dissapointed me.

    Mr Nura Muhammed
  • Am from Rwanda and am the founder of irezon.com where we specialise in software development,online marketing, network distribution and teaching software development.I came across one of Patrick's project of wwww.sourcecodester.com,i wanted to use to help me study and i was amazed at what he did and i emailed him just to encourage him on the good work and the skills he has and when i have more clients at hand that i can not take any more i always refer them to Patrick and my clients are always happy with his conduct and derivery

    Oth'man Bruno
  • Am from Phillipines,last year i was in college doing my computer science degree and one of my modules was web application and a friend of mine referred me to Patrick's work i used it for my school and when i faced a problem he helped me well with urgency that is why everytime i have a job i always ask Patrick if he has time for it

    Miss Erica Aquino


Malawi Car Rentals

This is a website for people looking to hire vehicles and for those that have cars for hire to advertise them there for free to malawians

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National Health Sciences Review System

This is an electronic review system to enable research submit their research papers online,electronically and the reviewers assess the papers online and send the response online as well while the system also act as a database by keeping uploaded papers and resonse records

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This is a job search website, where employers post jobs and people who are looking for jobs can find them there and apply.

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Malawi School System

This is a web based system that enables schools to manage their records including students,teachers,assessments and documents

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This is a web based system that enable hopital staff to manage there hospital records that is patient records,prescribe medicine,print reports,manage drugs and manage sales made

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Patrick Mvuma Profile

This website its just there to showcase my skills and communicate with my clients and users

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